80. ‘The Opposite of Hallelujah’ by Jens Lekman (2007)

How people wave in Sweden.

Turns out that, if it looks like a gay, and it sounds like a gay… it’s probably just a Scandinavian.  Sorry, it’s a tad difficult not to be facetious about Jens Lekman when he skirts so dangerously close to the border of Tweeville so often. In reality, Jens continues the fine Swedish tradition (well… ABBA, right?) of crafting melodic/melancholic pop baubles of the highest quality.  With more than just a touch of the Belle and Sebastians about it, The Opposite of Hallelujah perfectly captures the awkwardness (and, perhaps, futility) in trying to forge heartfelt or meaningful communication with a family member (i.e. someone you fundamentally love but may be completely dissimilar to).

Bonus points: ‘I picked up a seashell to illustrate my homelessness / but a crab crawled out of it, making it useless’ — it may be twee, but it’s certainly a contender for the ‘Best Rhyming Couplet of the Decade Award’


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