69. ‘You Needed More’ by The Sleepy Jackson (2006)

He’s only about to get MORE like Adam Ant.

(1) The intro. That’s the sound of being gently awoken on a beautiful spring morning when, once you fully wake up, you’re vaguely skeptical about how the season is gonna play out.
(2) The vocals. From the first ‘I’, it’s an odd but beguiling sound.
(3) The lyrics. The logical summation in the first two lines of the emotional dilemma of being in love with someone but it not being enough for them (I had everything I wanted/But you wanted more…) is one hell of a hook.
(4) The backing vocals and guitars. The song takes on a delicious thrust as they combine to gently power the song forward and add to its melodic intricacies.
(5) The chorus. ‘If your father was like anything you talked about, he would not be proud of you’ Adds another dimension to the song. The person he’s in love with is a liar, rejecting all the available love open to them in favour of the comfort of ‘hard-done-by’ bullshit.

But it’s possible I’m interpreting that from a purely personal point of view.

Regardless, this remains a gorgeous song, and only ever seems more rewarding the more you listen to it.

Bonus points: Luke Steele has possibly the WACKIEST face I’ve ever seen. And his voice is fated to be described as “distinctive” in press releases forevermore.



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