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84. ‘Idlewild Blue’ by Outkast (2006)

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on January 12, 2010 by G.K. Reid

‘Y’all know about the blues, don’chu?’

To a lot of ears, Andre 3000’s decision to sing the blues was a grim inevitability, confirming the dandy’s self-regard, with the song itself being nothing more than a hokey sham.  But this is, almost self-admittedly, ‘baby blues’, not the real, howling, grown-up deal.  And I like it.  It retains the playfulness which has long been one of Andre’s most attractive qualities, while exposing the cracks behind his claims to coolness.  ‘Idlewild Blue’ manages to have it both ways – its both a lament and a celebration. Although I never fail to find the ‘we gon’ play until you feel happy… til there ain’t no more boo-hoos!’ anything less than uplifting.

Bonus points: Me and my mum had an excellent dance to this at Christmas.  And this is a pretty excellent video.