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101. ‘Party Hard’ by Andrew WK (2001)

Posted in Andrew WK with tags , on November 16, 2009 by G.K. Reid


In the early years of this misbegotten decade, Andew WK proved quite the divisive figure. For example, after initially winning their endorsement, the NME crowd did a swift but emphatic U-turn on him… before going on to champion The Darkness. Go figure. But Andrew, by virtue of his lack of irony, always made a much more convincing nod to the glories of the balls-out unsubtlety of 80s cock-rockery than Justin Hawkins’ irritatingly postmodernist (and flat-out arrogant) nudge-nudge-wink-wink approach to the genre. Big chainsaw guitars, a lot of shouting, lyrical redundancy… Andrew stripped away the pretence that came to engulf this particular mode of artistic expression and boiled it down to its adrenaline-fuelling basics.

That having been said, I felt I was perhaps missing some of the nuances of the song, so I consulted for consolidation.

The consensus is that this song is about partying, hard. But some people do not approve of this. Witness:

‘my god, this is horrible. how jejune.

‘this song makes me want to claw my ears off… I only respect the guy cause he headbutted a cinderblock at one of their shows for no reason’

‘Everytime I see this video I thank God I have running water. I would rather kill myself than look this dirty all the time.’

Oh well, there’s no accounting for taste.

Bonus points: Andrew WK is sexy as f***. And now earns a living as a motivational speaker.