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67. ‘Pretty Please’ by Estelle feat. Cee-Lo (2008)

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Said they’re looooooovely….
AKA: ‘The Best Song that Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell Never Recorded’. 

Cee-Lo and Estelle have two of my favourite faces in popular music. Cee-Lo’s face is a chunky, friendly affair, with that big, Pagliacci grin doing its best to obscure or overcome the deep-seated sadness inside. Estelle’s face, on the other hand, is elfin in an unfortunate way. In fact, Estelle’s face reminds me most of an elf doing an impression of an angler fish. Or vice versa. Eitherway, it screams ‘underdog!’ and thus gets my vote. That these two faces (and voices, which reflect the shielded pain and oddness of the faces beautifully) are united on such a well-calibrated revival of the kind of love duet that Marv and Tammi purveyed was always gonna be a winner for me. Hell, they may as well have gift-wrapped this song and put it under my Christmas tree.

My only disappointment is that they didn’t enact a crazy-faced homage to Marv and Tammi in the video.

Bonus points: The moment Cee-Lo’s vocals kick in. Obviously.


85. ‘Run (I’m a Natural Disaster)’ by Gnarls Barkley (2008)

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Oh, Cee-Lo! Until I bought The Odd Couple album, I was unaware of the song title’s heartbreaking parentheses. Engrossed in this frenetic headlong plunge into psychedelic gospel, and what with its allegedly seizure-inducing but dancetastic video, it’s easy not to notice that it’s another verbalisation of Cee-Lo’s apparently profound (and, quite frankly, nonsensical) self-loathing. COME HERE, CEE-LO, YOU NEED A HUG!

Bonus points: Look, it’s Justin Timberlake! And look ,it’s Cee-Lo (kind of) running!