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88. ‘The Fear’ by Lily Allen (2009)

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on December 13, 2009 by G.K. Reid



For these 3 minutes, 26 seconds, the meagre charms and severely limited talents of Lily Allen crystallise into what could plausibly stake a claim as the definitive pop song of the decade. Upon its release, it was somehow reassuring for such a front-and-centre popstar to be addressing the most insidious social ills of the time, particularly from a popstar whose doleful shtick had previously failed to find much purpose. The tangible ennui in Lily’s vocals find its best setting here, and the lyrics are (for the most part) genuinely satirical and incisive. What, for me, really elevates the song into something special, though, is the sense of existential resignation in the choruses. It’d have been easy (and predictable) for Lily to sneer at her subject matter, but instead she owns up to her own spiritual impotence.

Bonus points: ‘She’s right, she could stand to lose a few pounds’ – My friend’s sister, while watching the video and possibly missing the point entirely.