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98. ‘Transylvania’ by McFly (2006)

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on November 26, 2009 by G.K. Reid

This tale of an imaginary doomed romance between the young Anne Boleyn and a soldier is probably the closest McFly will come to being The Decemberists. A jaunty little number, it’d most likely be much higher up on the list if it wasn’t for that inexplicable bendy-vocal effect that’s less reminiscent of the Decemberists and more so ‘Pat Sharp’s Fun House’.

(Incidentally, Anne’s sister Mary actually secretly married a soldier and was subsequently banished from the court.  I’m guessing McFly misremembered that history lesson. Even though it was probably only, like, the week before they wrote this song.)

Bonus points: The video features cross-dressing, someone tied to a traintrack, a singing Nosferatu and simulated buggery. AKA everything you could ever possibly want.