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54. ‘Hard Times’ by Patrick Wolf (2009)

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on July 15, 2010 by G.K. Reid

Another fortuitous ranking, seeing as Patrick – like Sleater-Kinney before him – here lambasts the media and the mediocre in no uncertain terms.  Whereas Sleater-Kinney go for the full-scale, caustic takedown, though, Patrick errs on the side of positivity.  Still young enough to not have his idealism soured completely, he fashions his frustrations into an invigorating call to arms, adamantly intoning about ‘resolution/revolution’ like they’re real, reachable dreams to dream.  Any accusations of hippy-shit naivete are offset, however, by the ardent emphasis he places upon the need to ‘work’ for it (as opposed to, say, just imagining it, like some overly lionised, self-satisfied Scousers would have it).

It helps that Patrick is a performer who can really sell this shit and whip a crowd into a life-affirming frenzy. What doesn’t help so much is when he’s allowed anywhere near the internet, and his clearly sincere ambitions ‘to give people Disneyland’ become somewhat undermined when he gets all petulant and throws his toys out the pram because it’s turned out that not many people are interested. Which, I admit, is kind of a shame, because the boy knows how to write a song, work a stage and – perhaps most crucially – wear ridiculous clothes; I too would be a little baffled as to what the hell else it is that people want.

Bonus points: Aside from Toxic, possibly the best strings in the countdown.

**The video to Hard Times is kind of awful, even moreso in a post-Jedward world, so below instead is the joyful video to The Magic Position (a song that was once in this list but eventually dropped out for entirely arbitrary reasons).**