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83. ‘Never Forget You’ by Noisettes (2009)

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Noisettes need to hire a better photographer.

Post-Winehouse, probably around the time that Girls Aloud released ‘The Promise’ and Sharleen Spiteri started  sampling The Shangri-Las to desperately banal effect, I figured: ‘ENOUGH WITH THE 60s GIRL GROUP PASTICHES ALREADY!!!’  Which is frankly a sentiment I never thought I’d be expressing, considering I want the world to constantly sound like a Phil Spector production. But, despite my weariness, along came this little song by a band I’d previously angrily dismissed (thanks to that godawful, hollow contraption about not upsetting the rhythm) and it somehow managed to not come across like cynical bandwagon-hopping.  So how did they do it? Well, it’s irresistably lovely for one thing – the swooning production, the playful but poignant lyrics – and Shingai’s vocals (which had been a major point of contention for me in their previous output) find a Ronnie Spector earthiness which proves that it takes more to do the 60s thang than a lot of hairspray, a shimmery dress and a half-arsed dance routine. 

Bonus points:  
I often unwittingly pronounce their name “Nwasettes”, like a Frenchman.


94. ‘Ignition (Remix)’ by R. Kelly (2002)

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How, exactly, is it ‘like Murder She Wrote’ once R. gets her outta those clothes?
Why is there food everywhere if the party wasn’t catered?
After the show, and after the afterparty, and then – finally – after the hotel lobby… is it a bisexual orgy?

Ignition throws up these questions and more. But while it’s all too easy to mock the lyrical content of this song – or, indeed, any R. Kelly song – there is no denying the deftness of his rhymes and the just flat-out inspired turns of phrase.

And yeah, when I say ‘inspired’, I mean ‘lunatic’. But I also mean it in the sense that Joan of Arc was ‘inspired’ by God. Because, perhaps the most fascinating thing about Mr. Kelly, as conclusively proved by the farrago/masterpiece that is Trapped in the Closet, is his almost religious zeal for what he is doing, for what he is gifting the world. He isn’t just an entertainer, he is doing his “work” here on Earth. Except, in this scenario, R. Kelly is playing both Joan of Arc and God.

But, aside from whatever questions we have and would like to pose to R Kelly (and it says something when the whole “paeodophile” thing ranks somewhere around number 10 on the list), let’s just answer the question he poses himself in this corking song. Yes, R, you can indeed get a TOOT TOOT. And you will always be worthy of a BEEP BEEP.

Bonus points: When R Kelly is inevitably indicted on a murder charge, just think how much he could out-fro Phil Spector.